Can the individual item in product bundle create individual delivery note for sales invoice or order

Hi all,

I am new to ERPNext and would like to try to use erpnext to fit my client requirement.
My client need to sell product in bundle but deliver the item in the bundle individually.
Is it able to setup in ERPNext? If yes, how to setup?
If not, is it possible to implement it by customization?
Kindly please help to give some direction on this.

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Help video: ERPNext - Product Bundle - YouTube

Hi netchampfaris,

Thanks for your reply, i want to know whether we can create delivery note for partial item inside the bundle.
Product A (Product Bundle) contains Product B and Product C.
For Sales Invoice of Product A, can i create delivery note for Product B only.
And later create Product C delivery note?


Hello Wilson,

Based on the Qty defined for the parent item, qty for child item is set. In the Sales Order, if qty for the parent item is 10, then in the Delivery Note, you can reduce it to anything less than 10. Based on the Delivery Qty, child item’s qty will be re-calculated.

For now, Delivery Note is not created separately for the child items in the Product Bundle.

Hi umair,

Thanks for the answer. I also study the code of sales_invoice and delivery_note to see whether i can customize for it. Is it any recommendation if this is really the critical requirement for us to deploy erpnext as the solution?

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Hi all,

I might have the same issue with this. Our usecase, we want to send separated an item in a bundle to customers, then we send other items later.

Is there any idea to do this or to customize it to achieve this?

@wilson.choi did you find any solution, could you please share it?