Can the 'Title Field' of the Item Form be popluated from 2 sources? (like item_code AND item_name)?

The Title Filed in the Items Form (i.e.) is being generated automatically (from the item_name by default).
Now when customizing that Form is it possible to have it being generated from 2 different fields like Item Code + Item ID? an Example:

Item Name: Men’s Crewneck Tshirt
Item Code: TS-001
Item Title: TS-001 Men’s Crewneck Tshirt (generated from item_code + item_name)

I could imagine you have to input some sort of python(?) code when customizing the form?
Simply using “item_code + item_name” or “item_code,item_name” didn’t work though

I guess a workaround might be process some sort of batch renaming, but that’s not what I am looking for if it can be avoided

@vrms you can add a reference for the fields, like {item_code} - {item_name} in title options

you can add a reference for the fields, like {item_code} - {item_name} in title options

thanks. when you say ‘title options’ do you mean the ‘Field Name’ field.

that also gives me the “Title field must be a valid fieldname” error when updating the Form though.
I couldn’t see anything with a term ‘title options’ you used


@max_morais_dmm that’s funny. It works somewhat (in terms of that the entry in >Display >Default shows on the item Form as well as the Item List)
but … all my Items have the title {item_code} - {item_name} now (literally), so somehow displaying the actual text from where the code {item_code} - {item_name} points to does not work correctly.

What I found a little strange though is that by default there is no Field “Title” on the Item Form so what I did was adding a new line and put the same things you suggest in your png (just {item_code} - {item_name} naturally)

EDIT: when I click on the title in any of the products (which displays literally {item_code} - {item_name} now as if I wanted to change that the item_code is visible in that dialogue

EDIT2: It works for new Items

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