Can this be done with erpnext

Newbie here. Running small business with 5-10 ecommerce / services sites on woocommerce

  • i want to use purchas orders to track on my outstanding inventory orders. But problem is that the sales orders arent coming in to erpnext. So sales wont be deducted from the stock in erpnext. Any idea to solve that?

  • is there a way to add a estimated delivery time in the purchase orders?

  • any idea how to add ebay orders (purchase orders for stock) in erpnext? They al already paid

Best way would be to try to build an integration between woocommerce & ERPNext using REST API.

How much will that cost? Any idea?

You can start a bounty on with your budget or if you are willing to pool in $500/- you can be a part of public beta run by the foundation

One or two others on this forum want the exact same woo commerce feature. Search for woo commerce and wordpress. message them or post a new topic to pool cash.