Can we assign a child table doctype under sales order item doctype

Can anyone guide me how to assing a custom table doctype under std sales order item doctype.
My requirement is to assign multiple prices against one product line item for which i have created a custom price table doctype

Thanks in advance


Id you have already created a custom child table doctype, go to Customize Form > Select Sales Order and below the “Items” table, add a new row with the new child table doctype, field type will be “Table”.

Expand the row and in the options box, type the child table name.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually my requirment is to assign a child custom table doctype under sales order item doctype and not under sales order.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that’s logical and doable.

@michelle , thanks for your recommendation, it’s working fine.

@Sanmesh.Kamble have you achieved this on Sales Order Item.

Custom Doc Type - Item Dimension

Custom Doctype added in Sales Order

Working fine on Doctype - Sales Order

I need it on Doctype - Sales Order Item like below but not working.

Does anyone have any idea? I appreciate your help in advance.