Can we change attachment limit and make it greater than 10 MB?

We have a need to attach a few documents whose size is greater than 10 MB.

Are there any settings that we can adjust to increase the Attachment size from 10 MB to 50 MB?


Yes, this is a setting in your site_config.json file:

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You can change the max_file_size param in Site Config

Refer to this doc

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@peterg and @Manan_Shah,

Thanks to both for the links.

Here what value have I to set for max_file_size if I want to assign a limit of 50 MB?

Should I just set max_file_size: 50 or something else?

And after making this changes will I have to restart Bench?


Hi @yogeshvachhani,

Please check it.

max_file_size: 50000

write in kb

Thank You!


The thread from 2015 says it’s in Bytes? Is the site_config.json file size in KB or in Bytes? Thanks!

Hi @Emily,

It’s our mistake.
The file size is in bytes.

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I have a question, I am trying to upload a zip file of 276MB with about 290 files in it. The upload stops at 25% and shows XMLHttpRequest Error. Anyone who knows how I can resolve this?

I’d like to point out if you are running ERPNext behind nginx reverse proxy, you need to make sure the client_max_body_size is also increased from the default 1MB. bench setup production does not change the default.

One other thing that might affect your ability to upload large attachment is web socket. When uploading large files, it’s better to use web socket. Make sure nginx is configured to proxy WS / endpoint.

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