Error while uploading large file in ERPNext for showing in LMS

I am uploading large video files to be shown in the LMS. I cannot use YouTube as these videos are for internal company usage and cannot be accessed by anyone on YouTube.

The following error is shown while uploading files larger than 50 MB:

I have changed the max file size settings from here:

Video of 39 MB got uploaded perfectly and is shown in the LMS page:

Anywhere else do I need to change settings?
Please help!

@Jannat_Patel Do you know any workaround or solution for this?

You can achieve this in docker by changing adding the “CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE” environment value in frontend section of docker compose file. Here as an example I have kept it at 5GB (5120MB). This is the max size that can go through the nginx frontend. Configuring this and max file size in erpnext settings should solve your issue.