Can we convert ERPNext web application to Windows application?


Can we convert ERPNext web application to Windows application?

You could run it on windows as localhost. Or an on-prem deployment?

I am already using it on windows localhost and making changes on ERPNext but my requirement is after completing all the changes I need to deploy it on cloud and few of our users are not that much familiar with internet so I want to make it to windows application.
Is it possible to convert it into windows application?

use something like GitHub - electron/electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS or to package a app? then it may look like a windows app…

Except electron any other way to convert web to windows app?
should I create new windows app and then import some plugins?

I am working on Virtual image which is connected with visual studio code, Do you have any idea how we can push virtual image code to github?

Can I suggest another option - maybe have it as the web app it’s designed to be, that way you keep all normal updates.

Then create a desktop link that opens a browser window with all of the user chrome removed so they only see the pages. Your users click the link on their desktop (you could even place it in the taskbar) and it opens up the system with a minimal window frame. As long as they have reliable internet (or LAN connection to the server if it is locally hosted) then from their point of view it’s very close to a traditional windows application.


Thanks Kieran.
I can try this option it seems good.
I have one more question can you please let me know how I can publish virtual image of ERPNext on cloud?
Will I need to convert it into code and then deploy on cloud?


What platform are you intending to host the system on?

Depending on your level of experience, hosting and maintaining ERPNext can involve a number of components. Especially if you need HA or a massive number of requests handled.

If you don’t have a lot of experience self-hosting / managing systems then I’d suggest you look at Frappe’s managed hosting option. Frappe Cloud - The Official Cloud Platform for Frappe Apps

Yes, I am using frappe cloud

I have hosted my ERPNext site on frappe cloud but I wanted to make changes on ERPNext then I configure it on my windows localhost with the help of virtualBox and made changes but don’t know how to push those changes on cloud?

I’ve not used Frappe Cloud personally - but a quick look at the Docs suggests this as the way to deploy a custom app.

How to install a custom app (

Thank you :slight_smile: May I know which cloud you are using to host ERPNext site?

I am using contabo for Test and Manage my Custom App.

You can try Local installation on WSL in Windows 10 and Connect with VS Code.

For Custom APP find this thread. it will help!

Hi Suresh,

I used SSH for remote server and successfully connected with visual studio code and made changes but after that I don’t know what steps should I follow to deploy on cloud.


Here is the quick guide to push/pull GitHub repository via SSH connection based on the instructions on GitHub Help

  1. Generate a new SSH key, use command ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “your_comment_or_email” . Enter to accept default filename and input passphase as needed.
  2. Check if SSH is running withy command eval $(ssh-agent -s) . You should see output like: Agent pid 4056
  3. Add the new SSH private key to SSH agent with command ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  4. Copy the public key to the clipboard with command clip < ~/.ssh/
  5. Go to GitHub SSH and GPG keys setting
  6. Click New SSH , name Title for your reference, and paste into the Key
  7. Click Add SSH Key
  8. Test connection with command ssh -T . If everything works fine, you should see this message

Push the app to GitHub

cd /home/bench/erpnext/apps/custom_app

git config --global "username"
git config --global "" 
git init
git remote add origin
git checkout -b master
git add .
git commit -m "App Initalised"
git push -f origin master

You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your GitHub username and the token created above. Your app should now be pushed to GitHub. You can double-check this by going on the web front end. Finally, set the branch to remote branch for easy pull/push:

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master master



Hi Suresh,

Thank you :slight_smile: I will try this .