Can we customize the export format for report?

Hi all,

This is for the Trial Balance Report.

If we view from the browser, we can expand/collapse all the legder and sub-ledger accordingly.

But if we export to csv, eg open using microsoft excel, all the ledger and subledger account lines are flat. User will have a hard time to see which one is the ledger/sub ledger.

Its possible to indent the excel format when we export?.

Example :

Thank You.

As a workaround, you can combine rows in spreadsheet processor.
In LibreOffice Calc, for example, you should select the rows and press F12

Hi @naim5441,
Currently, formatting of excel or csv data is not possible while exporting the reports. Exporting the reports only gives raw data.

Owh…got it

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for this input, never tried LibreOffic Calc before, i will take a look…

LibreOffice was just an example because I’m using it, but you can use any other spreadsheet processor, like MS Excel. There should be similar functionality.