Can we design custom erpnext desk UI with the new Frappe Builder?

I find the dashboard of erpnext a bit too minimalistic, I found a few themes, but was wondering if its possible to build something of my own using no-code/ low-code tool.

Frappe Builder looks very promising and I wanted to check if its possible to use it in this regard

Hey @nioxr, it is possible to build your dashboard for erpnext it is not something new, you can check out apps like gameplan, insights, books, or even Frappe Builder it’s self and many others, but you can’t build a CRM with drag-and-drop only they are many things to consider.

Get yourself a developer if you don’t want to code, they will be able to implement the themes and keep everything working, or dm me, and I can help.

Thanks for your reply. At this moment, honestly I dont have the fund to hire any developer, so I am trying to build an mvp by my own. Seems like I must have to need some frontend framework. Thanks anyway

You can create a custom page that will function as a “Single Page App” quite easily (well, depending on your coding abilities), but to customsize the Desk page would probably be much more challenging. From what I can tell, there is no API or other easy way to modify the Desk ( - MediaOptions) page.

You can create a page at - MediaOptions that has basically whatever you want. These types of pages are coded exclusively in javascript, from what I can tell.