Can we develop the ability to write checks to suppliers?

Hi, is there a plan to develop the ability to write checks from ERPnext to suppliers and others?

@iricket did you have take a look in the print formats of Journal Entry?

Hi Max:)
Thanks for the reply. What we are looking for is the ability to fill out a check in ERPnext and then print it to send in the mail to a supplier.

Isaac Ricketts |

Chris Reeve Knives

@iricket I guess we are having a small misundersting here, what do you mean by “write a check”, it means a lot of things to me!

Hi Max,
Sorry for the late response. We can currently write checks using Quickbooks. Here is a snippet on how to do this “Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks. Click the Bank Account drop-down arrow and select your checking account. If you haven’t yet added your bank account to QuickBooks, click in the list to create it. Click the Pay to the Order of drop-down arrow and select the payee or enter a new name”.

We would like to be able to do this from ERPnext.


Isaac Ricketts |

Chris Reeve Knives

@iricket you can print check from ERPNext

Go to Account->Journal Voucher->
change print format to Check print format

If this format is different from your check format, you can build/sponsor your format in ERPNext.

Yes , thats what i do too. Just use print format and create a format based on the cheque u want to print too.