Can we give seperate stock accounts for each item category?

In Erpnext Stock module,I could only find warehouse level accounts to be set. How can we report stock in accounts seperately for Raw materials,Consumables,Finished Goods ?

May I know what is the purpose of Account based on Item type? If you want to for Item Type wise balance, then you can check Stock Balance report for it. Define Item Group in a way that will help you get Item Group wise stock balance as well. For now, Account is created based on Warehouse i.e. location only, and not based on item’s type.

As i mentioned above ,i need to report Finished Goods,Raw materials and Consumables in Balance sheet seperately . How is it possible when Account is created per warehouse ?

Warehouses are generally based on location and not based on Item type. You could try this:

  1. Location A
  • FG-Location A
  • RM-Location A
  1. Location B
  • FG-Location B
  • RM-Location B

If there are 2 warehouses,it can be denoted Location A and Location B but Stock in CoA should show the sum of items in both locations like -

Stock -

  • FG

  • RM

And not grouped by locations

Because warehouse physical locations are tracked for convenience but financials are more bothered about total value of stock in each category like FG ,RM, etc

You will get financials for both Warehouses (parent) and groups (child). Try one cycle to confirm if it works for you.

For Groups, if not in the CoA, you will get the balance in the reports like Stock Balance. For now, there is no option to create Group Account for the Group Warehouse.

Hi @umair,

I faced the same issues here. We expect to have inventory accounts on par with sales and COGS account. Based on my experiences after years of implementing SAP Business One, there should be preferences when choosing G/L Account (screenshot attached)