Can We have organized branch structure of Github Repositories?

Hello, @frappe team.

As I’m trying to dive into development, & getting into contributions. But, it’s already complicated to understand Git then Bench, then Frappe, then ERPNext and there are many many apps. You guys had already done a lot. There are already many elite who plays well with git and all. But, As a begineer like me many had same questions once i.e. “There are hell branches on almost each repo.”

There are some patches, many of them are deprecated, some developer specific branches as well. Why, we’re not going to merge these all to core, once we had done with patch/or developer-specific code. If these all branches really needful for you or team then atleast we can optimize/reduce the no. of branches as per quality of code.

One more thing, the repository contains v4, v5 and all previous versions. As you guys already know, now contributions, development, featurization is on the peak, so there are many-many versions have to be released in coming days. So as per future versions, why we’re not going to deprecate earlier versions as required.

These all are making repository very heavy, all you can understand the pain of limited internet. Also, recently docs are included in the core repo, only their images are more than 350MB.

I personally believe that’s what GitHub is all about - SCM at it’s best! You also need to realize, there are tonnes of hyperlinks around pointing to some minor fixes, versions, etc. That would only make you delete the entire history of development.

What you’re right at is that we might have to make a much neater repository.