Can we integrate telephone calls to ERPNext

Hi all
in our company we have order through telephone from customers, I need to have a record like (calling time, calling date, phone number…etc ) of the caller. in ERPNext.
is there any way to integrate telephone calls to ERPNext?
please let me know if there is any solution.

would be good to know what type of telephone system you use? cheers

thanks @Not_a_countant for replying
We use Asterisk Freepbx

I believe vthere is coding being done at the moment in Develop to integrate Asterisk. Check Frappe · GitHub and ERPNext · GitHub

Here it is Telephony services' Integration in ERPNext · Issue #13012 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Thanks @Julian and @Not_a_countant
how about Exotel? is this possible to integrate it with ERPNext right now? or its under development.

This is under active development. You can follow the status here

@Pawan Was this feature removed again? It’s not there and the issue has been closed.

Nope, in-fact this was added a bit later:

Some more features added on that front:

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