Can we PLEASE let topics live longer than 2 weeks?

I am experiencing exactly the issue of this topic :

It’s a real issue and I have further information about it.

Could someone provide me please with a single rational reason why topics have to be assassinated after two weeks?

Can you imagine if Stack Exchange did that: “Ok! Times up! Use it or lose it guys! 10 seconds remaining … ok, kill it.”

Who benefits? Seriously. Who benefits from locking topics?

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The cause of that error is after the git clone when you start the ERPNext portion of the installation

#Login as ##########ERPNext/FRAPPE########## user
#su erpnext001
cd ~
git clone bench-repo;
sudo pip3 install -e bench-repo;    #NB!!! MUST be sudo'd!!! if you exclude the sudo part, then the sudo bench commands required later will fail!

Once installation is done, then add

erpnextuser="erpnext01";   #adjust to your preferred name!!!!!
sudo bench setup production $erpnextuser;
sudo unlink /etc/nginx/conf.d/frappe-bench.conf;
sudo service nginx start;

I’ll check that out ASAP.

I suspected that that was it, but was unsure which exact command would have to be installed with root privileges.

Thanks a million!

Meanwhile … it’s crazy that the answer to that issue can now be found (after a brief search) under a topic title “Can we PLEASE let topics live longer than 2 weeks”.


Like you I wonder why the need for a time limit to lock dormant threads?

And I can appreciate it’s particularly discouraging and frustrating to those who care to add or refine the learnings they wish to share for all to benefit.

What the practical need is for this I can’t fathom, some insight would be appreciated.

“Can you imagine if Stack Exchange did that”

Good point.

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I usually use a manual install on Debian - and have just updated the sequence (my previous one stopped working nicely because of recent changes and addition of python3). The new version is here - it’s liberally commented, so hopefully it’s useful