Can we send email of Reports

Can we send reports of General Ledger or Party Statement as email directly?

This should help. You should also consider using Email Digest


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I thought we could send mail of Reports just like we send email of documents like Invoice

I think Auto Report is not useful when we need to send Sales Report of a period to some customers through mail

I have experienced the same thing. I cannot send an email to a customer to show them their full transaction history.

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Any ideas anyone?

I always hope such no nonsense things which ease the life of an accountant are given preference over fancy feature list the developers are chasing after .


I understand the frustration. I have to explain in a crucial meeting tomorrow why this basic feature is not available in an ERP system I have spent considerable time trying to convince management to consider. Still, everyone in the forum has his/her priority. We only wish, like you said, this nice-to-have reporting tool is given priority.

I have decided to convert the report to PDF and attach it back using the Comment feature within the system to send the email to the client. Better than nothing, I guess.

i need this feature too

Why should you go after an email attachment as you could easily give controlled access to data? Will you send emails every time you make corrections or updated? If there are no changes expected then they should be present in a standard financial term report or just do by exporting the data on screen to an Excel format and let them work with it.

Moreover, the data you are trying to send is not a Print Format or Doctype.
check the following out:
if receiver:
email_args = {
“recipients”: [receiver],
“message”: (message),
“subject”: ‘Salary Slip - from {0} to {1}’.format(self.start_date, self.end_date),
“attachments”: [frappe.attach_print(self.doctype,,, password=password)],
“reference_doctype”: self.doctype,
if not frappe.flags.in_test:
enqueue(method=frappe.sendmail, queue=‘short’, timeout=300, is_async=True, **email_args)
(“{0}: Employee email not found, hence email not sent”).format(self.employee_name))