Can we track supplier stock?

Many of us in e-commerce load supplier stock and display if an item is available at supplier on storefront. Is tracking of supplier stock possible in Erpnext?

We were going to add a field to the Item Supplier Doctype to track supplier stock levels and use that in our Shopify store, but other projects have taken precedence. The supplier provides a daily stock list

Why don’t you use your stock to display the available items?
How do you get the supplier available stock (or, how the supplier provide the number of stock)?

Supplier sends daily or hourly csv or xml file holding stock info. It’s like that for most suppliers. But like @Mike_Z said we also do load those files in Magento store. It is informing customers that item could be ordered from supplier. But it would be nice to have that info in ERP.

There are balance sheet ramifications if you show vendor stock as another warehouse for example. It really needs to be kept off the books, so to speak

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So, in Magento, you can have a different source warehouse (your supplier) vs your ERPNext inventory. Why do you need it in ERPNext at all, except as a reference?

Exactly, we can have it in Magento as a source. The reason fo erpnext to have it is to quickly answer to customer if you can get requested item from supplier. And to plan ordering qty in advance, without call to supplier.

It seems you are running a dropship ecommerce.
Maybe adding just 1 field in Item doctype to hold the last qty from supplier is sufficient?

Yeah, that seems like easiest solution.