Can you edit standard workflows?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice – can you edit the standard workflows? For example, if we want to add an extra status for sales orders to denote that they have been picked but not delivered yet, can I find and edit the existing standard sales order workflow? I just don’t want to mess anything up by creating a new workflow, overriding the standard one, and then finding out that we can’t revert back to the previous way of doing things. We’re on v12 on the cloud.


Checkout Workflow, it has the ability to change the status without tampering the system’s default flow.

Hey @harshit-30, is it possible to open up and view any standard workflows? I want to see what the workflow is for sales orders right now before I customize it any.

The Sales Invoice states aren’t a Workflow in the way Frappe uses the term. Workflows are defined in userland with the workflow doctype, whereas the Sales Invoice transitions are defined as part of the doctype itself. The only place you can see it is the doc’s python controller.

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