Can you have web forms automatically populate leads and data in ERPNext?

We are using Wufoo on our websites. Some people use WordPress- or Google Forms. There are a lot of options out there. Did anyone of you automate the import of such “Lead info” into ERPNext and could show us how to do it efficiently? Are there ready-made paths available, that we could follow?

This is written in the Manual:
"Creation via Portal
If a someone creates an account through the website interface is Lead is automatically created, status is Open and the Owner is the webuser.

After registration the webform Addresses is called, where the web user can enter address information.The address is linked to the lead using the Lead Name-Address Type as ID."

More on this:

Yes, I know this option. Problem is, that we have 15k web pages out there with different technology. Some on WordPress, some plain HTML, some public Confluence instances. All of them have forms. I need a form builder with styling options. Wufoo is one. From there I need to get the data into ERPNext. I do not think, that ERPNext can easily substitute for Wufoo. An API interface connecting both systems readymade would be optimal.

So, basically you would be after something like sending to a certain email address would create a lead into the system. That type of thing lead creation exists in Odoo (but it has totally dysfunctional email system otherwise, making users crazy).

You can develop one endpoint to insert lead from different technology and make hook on different technology or web form to transfer lead information.

But that also means that we have to implement all integrations individually ourselves. I would love the core product to support a lot of other tools by default and I hope that we can help with this when we build these integrations.

You can use Web Forms in ERPNext !

In version 11, they are also refactored and first class

Maybe. I’ll rather get us a good API integration to Typeform or Wufoo. We’re pretty invested in these specialized platforms. They deliver good leads. I am shy to try something new, that isn’t as good integrated into our marketing campaigns.

I believe that supporting web forms is a distraction for what an ERP system should do. Similar to the Intercom-discussion where @dominik suggested ERPNext chat.

We will only adopt such features once they are better than the best of breed provider for customers today.

Thanks for all the work on the web forms!

I’m facing an issue in mapping the web form with the doctype. See this topic:

Do you have any idea?