Cancel Credit note with sales invoice series number

Hello everyone,

  • We wanted to create Credit note. So for our concern Sales Invoice, on selecting & Saving “Return / Credit Note”, a Credit Note with NEW number from sales invoice series is created in “Draft” status.
  • As per our CA, Credit Note’s need to be on different series and cannot be from sales invoice series.
  • Now for this Draft Credit note with Sales Invoice number, I would like to cancel it. For the purpose of Sales Invoice, that particular number is void and in cancel state. Don’t want to permanently delete as Sales Invoices with subsequent sales invoice series number have been created with E-Invoice IRN numbers.

But “Delete” is only option I can find.

What is the right way to do this? Kindly guide…

Thanks and Regards,

If the document is in Draft, Why can’t you submit it and then cancel it?

Submit & Cancel did work out. Thank You Saumyaseelan!