Cancel document functionality

Hi, I have created a custom docType. No I want to set a functionality that no body should be allowed to edit any entry once it is generated, like of sale order, deliver note and others.
The only option should appear there to cancel and delete that entry, no editing or modification option should appear.

Waiting for the response.

Make it a submittable document and you are set.

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@root13F I have just changed the document to submittable, now on saving its status is not changing from draft to publish.


Did you make a new document or were you editing the old one ?

I suggest you make a new document.


Yes. I have created a new document, on saving its show status as draft. On clicking more than once on save button its still showing status as draft.

It means the roles that are allowed operations on this new doctype of yours don’t have the Submit permission. Hence, Click on Edit Doctype and in the Permissions table, provide the submit permission.

Yes, its worked. Now I would like to show buttons after submitting it. Right now its not showing buttons after form submit.

You will have to write JS and Python for this. Take clues from documents like Sales Order.