Cancel Material Request


I ran Production Planning Tool, by which system generated some Material
Request (In Submit Mode). On the basis of that I have created a Purchase
Order and also submitted the purchase order. Now I want to cancel the both.

  1. I tried cancel the Purchase Order, but it says you cannot cancel as it
    has already been submitted, therefore I Stop the Purchase Order No. PO00042.
    Even I am not able to see the Cancel Button on the Purchase Order.

  2. After stopping the Purchase Order, I tried to cancel the Material
    Request, but system doesn’t allow me to cancel the same, and even I don’t
    see any stop button there in the Material Request IDT00093

Please let me, how to do it?

-Have you given ‘Cancel’ permission to ‘Material Request’ doctype?

1.Go to ‘Doctype’ list → ‘Matreial Request’ doctype.
2.In ‘Permission Rule’ datagrid , Give ‘Cancel’ permission to required user.

-If you are using workflow, you must cancel using the workflow.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I have all the permission that are available.
I resolved the issue by my own, it was only due to the reason because I have created a Workflow for Purchase Approval where I have not define any stage like “Cancel”