Cancel work order / stock entry, lost batch numbers

Hello community,

I stumbled over a quite annoying issue.

In my stock, there are items which have a dedicated serial number and batch number.

Today, I had to cancel a Workorder and therefore I had to cancel the stock entries Material Transfer for Manufacture and the Manufacture itself.

When I cancel those, all parts are back in the Raw Material Warehouse as they should be.
But the Items which had a batch number do not have it after the cancellation anymore.
In addition, all other items which had the same batch number as the items from the stock entry, lost their batch number as well.

As you can see, all Items have the same time tag, which has been the point, where I canceled the stock entries. Also, those, which where not part of the work order. Those where just the ones, which are associated with the Raw Material Warehouse.

If there is any sufficient solution for this, I would be happy to know.

Best regards