Cancell or ammend option not showing in stock entry

I am not able to cancell nor ammend a stock entry

the Scenario is
I created this stock entry through the Item Form
while creating a new item, i added the stock
now from the stock entry, iam not able to cancell or ammend this document. I am not getting an option at all
when i create a stock entry from the stock menu, iam able to cancell the document
any inputs on this
Thanks and regards

do you get any error? if yes please share the screenshot or error message

Thanks for the response

This is the message i get
“Stock Entry STE-00003: Submitted Record cannot be deleted”
here is a step by step
i come to the stock entry doc

i open it … i get only “menu” “update” options

i click on the “menu”… there is no ammend or cancel options

i go back to stock entry and check the box…then i get the “delete” option
when i click on “delete”… it gives me error…“Stock Entry STE-00003: Submitted Record cannot be deleted”

Thanks and regards


You can not delete the Submitted document

And it seems that you have unsaved changes in the Stock entry try to save the changes first by clicking Update then Cancel button will appear.

Thanks for the reply
I did try that
i clicked the update button… and the error i get is
“Not allowed to change Total Qty after submission”

Is Total Qty a custom field in your ERPNext account? If yes, then ensure that Allow on Submit is checked for it.

Thanks for the reply Umair
i do not have any custom fields
Thanks again