Cancelling/Deleting Payment Ledger Entries? (how to make permissions)

Good day,

My apology for newbie questions but currently evaluating ERPNext as Zoho Books/Inventory replacement for our company and can not figure out the user permissions customzation. Example - we can not delete or cancel Payment Ledger Entry (sometimes it is needed as users can enter wrong data)

Question - how can it be achieved? There are no delete/cancel options in User Permission Management:

And we can not edit permissions in the "Payment Ledger Entry: doctype as it is “read only”

Using latest non-selfhosted version (as we just registered to try it out and do some tests)


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User is not directly entering data in the Payment Ledger Entry. Data will come in this doctype from other sources like Payment Entry, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice etc.

User permission will be managed from those doctypes. For example, you have permission to delete Payment Entry, upon deleting payment entry system subsequently deleting the Payment Ledger entries also.

Also, you can manage the User Permissions from User → Role Permission Manager


Divyesh Mangroliya

Appreciate a lot your detailed reply! All clear now