Cancelling Subscriptions

Hello everyone!

Would like to use subscriptions with web shared clients
but the problem is when we cancelling subscriptions it will generate invoice
as the documentation

If you are cancelling an active subscription, an invoice will immediately be generated. The generated invoice will be on pro-rata basis by default. If you want ERPNext always create an invoice for the full amount, uncheck the ‘Prorate’ field in Subscription Settings.

Cancelling Subscriptions

it would be great has an option for that, it dose make sense to me that not even make invoice when “uncheck Generate Invoice At Beginning Of Period” maybe.

However, the reason here as mention as shared hosting plans
when customer cancel subscription due ICANN or even breaking rules such copyright or requesting for cancellation to changing domain extension etc… there is no way for refund or pro-rata basis… or full amount… so we wouldn’t wanna create an invoice or such.

Is there any side script or anyway to

  • Disable generating SI on Manually Cancelling and Restarting Subscription?
  • Disable Subscription Processing In The Background
    or even other solution if it could change the manually status

We just wouldn’t go with custom code or doctype to avoid ERPNext updates

Many thanks!!

May be you can highlight your issue here