Cannot access GST related DocType from Accounting Dashboard

I am trying to setup GST for a company but from Accounting Dashboard I am not able to access any of the GST related DocTypes.

I am using ERPNext 13.

This is the message I am getting.

How to solve this problem?


Hi @yogeshvachhani,

I think, please migrate the site and then check it.

Maybe resolved your problem.

Thank You!

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Sorry that does not work for me.

I even ran the command bench update but still cannot access GST related features.

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v13.40.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.41.7 (version-13)


If you haven’t applied then apply it.

bench update --reset


Will this preserve my data that I have already entered in it?


First, take a backup, and after apply it.

that means It simply resets the head of the git to the latest commit in the remote upstream repositories.

Comes in handy if there were any uncommitted/unknown changes.


Done that but getting same error.


Please share your error.

I have posted the error in first post.

Still getting the error.

Page gst-hsn-code not found

The resource you are looking for is not available

Getting same error for every thing under Goods and Services Tax (GST India)


Hmm :thinking:

I have the same version used on my all site but does not have any error shown in GST.

I think Something is missing.

Please check its post.

Thanks for the link.

But this trick did not work for me.

I changed the country to United States and then back to India.


I created a new instance of Bench and installed Frappe, ERPNext, etc. and now I am able to access all GST settings!

I don’t know as to why it was not accessible in the original instance?!