Cannot add replacement item in Return Invoice

When creating return invoice, I added new item to replace returned item by customer…but I got

Row # 2: Returned Item xxxxx does not exists in Sales Invoice SINV-0001

Is this by design? How to issue replacement item for customer? Create new invoice?


Create Sales Return entry against Delivery Note to receive faulty item back into your Warehouse.

When despatch new unit to the customer, create Delivery Note with zero rate.

@ArundhatiS, I don’t use delivery note, but sales invoice directly with update stock option.

So it means user must do 2 transactions? Return against DN/SI and new DN/SI with zero rate to despatch new item. Print 2 documents as well. Does it work that way?

I don’t understand the idea behind this design…

I am quite surprised if no erpnext users not questioning this… . To make return and despatch replacement item would require user to make 2 transactions.

As far I remembered, this was possible in previous version. But now its blocked… Force the user to create another delivery note/sales invoice to issue replacement item to customer…

please have a look it is required by many user. In return sales invocie we can add replacement item.


Did anyone find a solution to this?