Cannot Approve workflow

Hi! i am creating a workflow for customer

with these setting i always getting not permitted error on aprroved by finance. even though i have gave all permission required for the account manager role.

Check if there are any user permissions applied for this particular user. Also check if the role has access to the Customer doctype in Role Permissions Manager.

yes i did check
User permission

Customer Doctype

Still same error

Check user permission list if there are user permissions applied.

i just create one

still showing the errors

Check if there are other user permissions for the same user? User permissions restrict users to access documents based on certain values.

hi i’m sorry i don’t quiet get what you mean…
but on the user permission list i just create these 2.

if i’m doing it wrong could you point me where to check. thank you.

Ok, apologies. User Permissions is not the issue here. You may proceed to delete the user permissions you just created. On checking the workflow you have set, in the Document State table, for the Account manager, the doc status is set as 1 (check first table. row 3, column 2). However, the customer master is not a submittable doctype.


Change it back to 0 and try again?

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yes it does work now! but my intention of the workflow for customer master is that only when the customer status approved their credential and eligibility by the finance the customer is allowed to make a purchase. is there any way to handle this type of situation?