Cannot cancel any transaction

hi team we recenty upgraded to version 13 and it seems we cannot cancel any new transactions even on Administrator level and even when there are no linked transactions. pls help

be it sales order, delivery note, purchase order or even stock transfer and journal entry

can anyone suggest what we can do to enable transaction cancellations even when no other modules are linked with the original transaction?

example 1
sales order 001 was created saved, then we processed a delivery note and submitted a few mins has gone by and we noticed we weren’t able to edit the price of one of the items so we wanted to cancel and amend. it gives us the same error cannot link cancelled document: Voucher no: DN…

Hi Torgh, I met the same issue with many doctypes: purchase receipt, stock ,… Have you find the solution to fix this error?
Thanks a lot

any one with a solution on this topic, please help. am getting this on sales invoice, payement entry and material receipt.
Cannot link cancelled document: Voucher No: MAT-STE-2022-00004 yet its not linked just material receipt