Cannot Cancel or Delete Sales Order

I cannot cancel Sales Orders in my system. I only have 3 that are Submitted but none of them show a Cancel button. I am able to cancel other Doc Types like Quotation, etc. I have modified custom fields, Workflow and other setup since those Sales Orders were Submitted - is that likely to be the problem?

If so is there any way I can “force” Cancel them via an import or some other way? I really need to get rid of them as they have Items in them that I want to Delete.


Have you given ‘Cancel’ permission to ‘Sales Order’ doctype?

1.Go to ‘Doctype’ list → ‘Sales Order’ doctype.
2.In ‘Permission Rule’ datagrid , Give ‘Cancel’ permission to required user.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Hi @Geetanjali

I have nearly all roles applied to my user id and several of them have Cancel permission for Sales Order Doc Type. I also tried setting a user to ONLY the Role Sales Manager as I know it has Cancel permission. Still doesn’t work. It appears to be a problem caused by something else, not a “standard” permissions issue…

If you use workflow, you must cancel using the workflow (sorry this is not well documented)

do you have an solution for that?

@Kuo_Wang just set a State with docstatus as 2

Do I need to add in the Workflow State List a “Cancel” State to make this possible? Or how do I cancel the sales order workflow? I have not defined any additional workflow.

Even with cancel permissions, I can still not cancel the sales order.

EDIT: cancelling the payment request first allowed to cancel also the sales order.