Cannot Close POS when having no POS Sales Transactions

When opening a POS with Zero opening balance and during the shift no sales happened, then when trying to close the POS, an error of:

Mandatory fields required in POS Closing Entry

    POS Transactions

Screen shot:


localhost:~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 13.1.0
frappe 13.1.0



Correct Behaviour

The POS should close normally.


—> Can this issues be fixed?
—> Is there a workaround?
—> Maybe a setting that I missed?
—> Or, is this a Bug?


in your case see the table pos transaction in screen your share
there is no transaction .
please check it there already pos invoice available in profile or not

Getting the same error. There is no invoice made then cannot close.

Hi there!
I just want to ask if there’s a way of cancelling the shift?
Since we cannot close a shift without sales, then perhaps we can cancel it instead?
I made a mistake of opening a shift when I shouldn’t have, so if possible I want to cancel the shift.

Go to PoS Opening Entry
Identify the empty entry
Cancel it
Delete it

Thanks a lot! It’s working, although I found it on POS Opening Shift. My POS Opening Entry is currently empty.
I need this function of cancelling the shift in the posapp, so I guess I’ll go from there.
Thanks again! Have a good day.