Cannot create cost centres

Whenever I try to create a parent cost centre or cost centre in ERPNext, it brings back the following error:
Could not find Parent Cost Center: Cost Centers

Need your advice please?

Maybe you are trying to add at top node i.e. Cost Centers?
CCs can be added to any of the company either it is a group or child. Click on Company Name then try to add the same.


Yes, “Cost Centers” is just a label, its not a parent cost center, under which you can add a child.

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So how do I create a parent cost center because it seems I don’t have one.

Whenever I try to add, they ask for a parent cost center which I don’t have.

Why you don’t have any? Have you deleted all cost centers?

I just edited the chart of accounts, hadn’t touched the cost centers until I was entering expenses and I had to attach a cost center.
Don’t know why the main cost center is missing.

Try to save the company record and then check again.


Wow!!..Thanks a lot Nabin. Tried saving the Company record and now am seeing group Cost Center: Gagawala Graphics and Main. Thanks a lot.

Now, am wondering whether Deductions/Looses in the Payment Entry to carter for Costs associated with a specific sale.

It is to book any kind of deductions / losses while doing payment. For example, exchange gain/loss, some discount on above a amount of sale, tax deductions at source etc.

I tried to save Company record but the main cost center not come back.

If there are no cost centers exists, then only saving company creates a defautl cost center called “Main”. Otherwise, you have to create the cost center from Chart of Cost Centers page.

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I have few cost center which not appear in Chart of Cost Centers page. And I cannot create new cost center in Chart of Cost Centers page as It needs parent which it’s gone. I can only create new cost center in company edit page, but once it created it never appears in Chart of Cost Centers page.

Go to List view of cost centers using URL (#List/Cost Center) and open the root cost center (for which no parent CC exists). Check the company of the root CC.

There’s no cost center but in database has. I have removed cost center from db and update company record, main cost was create automatically. But when submit all salary slip, it’s error : Journal Entry JV-00001: Cost Center is required for ‘Profit and Loss’ account 8001013 - Dummy - HRCAM…