Cannot create Email Account

Hi All

Can anybody help me setting up Email Account for default outgoing?
I am using my Gmail Account. I have already enabled less secure apps.

But when I save , it throws error message

“Invalid login or Password” for my gmail id and password.

Tried several times to check if i am entering wrong password.

No use. still showing same error.

Can anyone know how can i set up email account solving this issue?

For 2 factor signin to gmail, “Sign in using App Passwords” will apply

Thnak you@clarkej

Solved the problem by two step verification in less secure app.

can you please share the steps you used for configuring email account using gmail.

like what were the settings of domain etc

Hi @ridua

  1. I just selected ‘GMail’ from Services
    so the configuration willl be set automatically

2.Give the email -id
3. Give password of email-id
4. check default outgoing
5. Save

If It shows “Invalid Logina and Password” error, go to your GMail account and enable access for less secure app by two step verification process using the following link

Then retry the above steps.

Thank you


Thanks… it worked for me as well finally :smiley:

I already enabled less secure app, but still showing “Invalid login or Password”

Go to this link:
Sign in to your google account and then try saving email account again in erpnext.

Refer below link for details about this.

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