Cannot create/install/test custom apps in pods deployed from Helm chart

I think we have a fundamental problem with installing/creating apps in the Helm chart of ERPNext because of how Frappe works.

I tried to create a very simple basic app and install it. Or course, the pod cannot be restarted because the container has no systemd, therefore I tried to recreate the whole pod (after adding a pvc and mount manually to persist the folder of the app insides apps). I was able to install the app, but when trying to call ERPNext in the browser, it does not work and I see in the logs that:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘<app name>’

Something should be done in this regard. Am I missing something?

Here is the corresponding issue:

Allow installing custom apps from custom source · Issue #174 · frappe/helm (

Could anybody try that?

It seems that forking the image and the whole code is the only solution. I will try that, but for now this topic can be closed.