Cannot Delete Document

I have created 3 documents that are linked to another document. I mistakenly deleted the the document that the 3 documents were linked with. And now that I want to delete the 3 documents I could no longer do it. It says " Cannot delete or cancel because Jewelry Items 1-1-2 is linked with Sangla aaa9742f3f". How could I unlink them whith the deleted document?

When I click the document where the " aaa9742f3f" it brings me to this page.

You can either modify the linkage or simply delete those 3 records by directly access your database server.

You can do the same by running bench --site [site-name] mariadb command in your shell

Once you’re logged in to your database server you can select the relevant table name and then modify/delete those records.

Thank you. I solved it now. I just need to delete the records in the child table. After that its ok to delete the remaining records.