Cannot delete Item because linked to BOM (that is non-existent)


I cannot delete an item and the error msg is “Cannot delete or cancel because Item XXX is linked with BOM [New BOM 3]”. I have checked that there is no such BOM and I have even try to delete all transactions in the company but the issue still persists.

Has anyone experience this issue? Appreciate any advice!



Managed to solve this after I try to delete all transactions in the company. Don’t understand why it did not work the first time round; but it works now.


Not possible to do with live environments right?

A while ago, I got the same issue. I deleted the entry of the item in the database.

hi jury,

i have faced the same issue… could u tell me how to connect to the data base… as 'm facing the same isuue… please find the screeshot


I had the same problem and use msql command line interface to look at the database. I found that although the tabBOM table was empty there were orphaned related item records in the tabBom Explosion Items table. I deleted these. After this it was possible to delete the item records in ERPNext.

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