Cannot delete or cancel because Stock Reconciliation SR/000001 is linked with Stock Ledger Entry SLE/00000127

Unable to delete Stock reconciliation wrong entry because of the stock ledger entry linked to it. No way to delete a stock ledger entry. Get status “Queued for cancellation” & nothing happens.

You can delete entry from back-end(i.e from database)

  • Connect with database
    i.e your database name and password are available in ‘site_config.json’ this file

I checked the web & erpnext documentation & youtube videos but couldn’t find anything about this issue. Can you please provide a step by step guide to accessing this database backend & obtaining this password?

We are currently hosted on not on our local server.

yes i face this problem too on stock reconciliation in which table should i search for deleting?

Hi @Sachine_P1,

Check Whether Admin have permission to cancel and delete the SR …

-Go to Doctype
-search for “Stock Reconciliation”
-check Permission rules,in that cancel and delete option is checked or not

thanks for your replay
the admin have full permission to delete,
i have alo deleted other wrong documents on stock reconcillation only get the above message for 2 documents.