Cannot delete TAG

Hi there, I created a TAG and accidentally added ‘/’ to the end of it. It is now not allowing me to delete the TAG when I click the ‘x’. Please see attached screenshot. Can somebody please advise how I can remove this TAG?

15 am

Can you check your browser console for the error thrown ?

Also, what version of frappe and erpnext are you on ?

Hi there @Zlash65, thanks for your reply.

I must apologise to you, I’m not a web developer, so could you please use layman’s terms for your first question?

The versions we’re on are:
ERPNext: v10.1.4
Frappe Framework: v10.1.1


PRESS F12 and See in browser console.

Hi @bhavikpatel7023 and @Zlash65 . In order to remove the tag, a colleague has already deleted the Job Applicant that the tag was attached to. It successfully removed the tag, but I no longer have a record of it, sorry.