Cannot export custom DocType using import/export feature

Hi there,

for some reason it’s not allowed to export a custom DocType using import/export tool even if Allow Import is set.

I’m on:

ERPNext: v7.2.17
Frappe Framework: v7.2.14

Step to reproduce, I’ve enabled import in Doctype:

But DocType Scarto Reparto it’s not available in the list:

Any hint?



Check whether login user has permission to export/import. If not the give permission, reload the Data Import Tool form and check.

@Sangram I’m logged in as administrator …reloaded few times with no luck

I checked for my custom Doctype It’s working fine.
Please Check System Manager has permission to Export/Import, OR give Export/Import permission to Administrator in permission table.

I’ll double check, thx


Please check the Import & Export options in Permissions Table in Your Custom DocType.

Please check the screen shot

It will show up on reload or on new session (just logout and login again)


@makarand_b Hi there,

i’ve checked all the user’s permission, and are all in place, see pic:

but i can’t still have the doctype enabled for export.

Any hint?