Cannot find newly created Doctype in Customize Form

I have created a new doctype “Loyalty Total Points” and I need to edit some code in it. But to find the files in the folder I need to uncheck the custom? button. For that I need to go to customize form and uncheck it. But I can’t seem to find that doctype while searching in Customize Form.

P.S: I’m in developer mode

Custom doctypes are not available in customise form. You can find them under doctype list.

Well then how do I customise them. At least how can I view their file to edit the code?
And by custom doctypes you mean Doctypes in custom module or newly created doctype?

custom doctype does not have its own controller python and js file, customize form is done by doctype form itself, you can use custom script to do front end scripting.

So basically its not possible to write server side scripts for custom doctypes?
I am extending the Loyalty Program in erpnext. So I have created a new doctype to calculate the total points and to meet some other conditions. So how do you go about it if I can’t write my own code?

if you activate developer mode you should login as administrator and uncheck custom checkbox and migrate again, i think it will work