Cannot find twilio call option from computer/mobile

I have setup all the things from following url:

But still I can’t find option where I can do incoming and outgoing call from my computer/mobile.

Please guide me.


Once the app is setup, you’ll have to assign numbers to users.

  1. Setup the integration by filling up Twilio Settings.

  2. Go to Voice Call Settings doctype and assign that number to a user.

Now when these users end up using the system and come across a phone call field, they’ll see a small marker besides the number. You can click on this to start a phone call.

So, about the Twilio call option - it can be a bit tricky to find sometimes, especially if you’re toggling between devices. What I usually do is log in on my laptop first, then double-check on my phone just to be safe. One time, I was expecting an important call but couldn’t find the option on my computer. Frustrating, right? That’s when a friend recommended checking “who called me” websites. Surprisingly, it was a game-changer! These platforms help track calls seamlessly, and I found the missed call in a jiffy.