Cannot get hospitality as a module in erpnext system

any solution here?


Yes, the domain is not explicitly visible on the desk page. However, the doctypes and other related aspects of the domain should be active on checking the “Hospitality” checkbox in domain settings. Kindly check via awesomebar if you can see doctypes such as “Restaurant”, “Reservations”, etc.

Check the below link to know more about the domain:

Hope this helps.

Yes i can see , but the from desk can not see general module to open all blocks inside

Yes, currently that is not available. We will work on making the hospitality module visible in the desk itself. For now, please access the necessary doctypes via the awesomebar.

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@michelle hallow i have found this thread and i have a qestion do yo mean until this time this version 13 does not include hospitality on a desk itself??
note: i can still access the doctypes

There are several domains not displayed on desk: hospitality, service, distribution. If we check these domain during setup wizard, there will be error.