Cannot get items from BOM on Material Request

Hi all,

I have a problem on my Material Request (MR) module.

When my Engineer/Procurement/User create an MR on the BUYING module, we cannot get the items from the approved BOM by the Engineering Manager. We can get the items from the Sales Order but that is the product that we fabricate / manufacture in workshop, hence we will need the original component/assembly/raw material which we have created as a basis for making the product.

Please kindly your help on this issue.



Does it give you any error message?

Nope… its just no response once we choose the BOM number and the warehouse which we have input the BOM previously…


It seems javascript trigger is breaking, please share the screenshot of the javascript console

Here’s the help to open javascript console: web development - How do I open the JavaScript console in different browsers? - Webmasters Stack Exchange