Cannot Import BOM QTY = 0

I would like for some imported BOM items to have QTY=0, along with a note in a new custom field I added that the part is not placed on a circuit board. This old post suggests that I just need to make QTY a non-mandatory setting in a BOM Items customization. I did that but it still says that I need a quantity when I import. (I verified that the reloaded Import BOM page showed QTY as not mandatory.) The import error message says:

Error for row (#21) : {“message”: “Quantity required for Item 2303-000001-001 in row 43”, “indicator”: “red”}

So my question is whether I can do this on a BOM import. I’m running v7.2.30, My QTY = 0 for this Item and the UoM is Unit, which is required to be an integer.

Have you tried doing it using the website? If you can’t do it there, you probably won’t be able to do it with importing.

Inherently, a bill of materials shouldn’t include an item that isn’t included in the final assembly. Can you explain your usage case better?

Just throwing my perspective in on this, at our company, we use things like loc-tite in very small amounts. It would be nice if we could have items like this set to 0, so that we could still track batches, without having to make stock adjustments.

I have components on a circuit board that might not be installed at all, or might be used in one variant vs another - say a single channel audio card vs dual. I might design in a part to give me options to pass FCC emissions testing and not need to use it. I would prefer to have a line for QTY=0 and a note showing DNP so that it’s clear that a part is not installed on purpose, and what part (resistor, ferrite bead, etc…) is not installed. That makes it easier to track the board schematic against the production BOM when we need to come back to it in a year or two.

It’s not a show-stopper not to have this capability, but if it’s possible I would like to have it. The prior post I mentioned seemed to indicate that QTY=0 is possible.

@ChipBrown anything you read from before 19 May 2015 (ERPNext V5.0 Release Date), you can safely assume is no longer relevant. There have been so many changes since then that you could consider it an entirely different program.

Fair enough, and many thanks. It might be a good idea to cull the discussion pages of the really old posts, or maybe put in a disclaimer, so we don’t waste time on them.

It has been discussed, but there were some that wanted to keep it as reference. There is no way I know of to add a disclaimer on the top of old posts.