Cannot log in as admin

I tried starting ErpNext from the VM but it gave this error: No Bootable medium Found system halted.
I tried the options given to me at the oracle VM community but it didn’t work out.

I imported the image file once again and created a new ErpNext virtual machine. However, I cannot log in with the username and password I signed up for earlier. It says invalid login. I tried the forgotten password option and put in the email address but it says it does not exist. Why is this so and how can I solve this?

Hi @Keep_Moving_Sales,

Since you’ve created a new virtual machine, please try logging in with the following credentials:

username: Administrator
pass: admin

I did that which means I had to create the profile all over again as well as input all the data that was there again

If you still have the SQL DB, you can restore all the data/info from it. Not sure of the process for VMs though.