Cannot login after a fresh installation of ERPNext on Debian 8

I’m having trouble with logging into the site after installing ERPNext.

I have installed it with no errors as far as i can see and the login page appears on the correct port. However when i go to login with the default login and password being ‘Administrator’ and ‘admin’ respectively it hangs on “Verifying”. I remember creating a password during the setup which i have tried also. Does anyone have any ideas.

Many Thanks.

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I would try two things. First do a bench restart as the frappe user in the bench directory to restart all the processes. Then I would reset the admin password again to a known set of values with bench set-admin-password and then see if you can login.

Did you resolve your issue?
If you did, may I know how?

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I have the same issue. Can somebody help to overcome the hanging “Verifying” stage after fresh install.
btw, I install the system on Debian 9.

How can I even debug to find where it hangs?

Thx in advance!