Cannot Login as Website User

In my ERPNext installation, I have created a customer. But as a customer I cannot login to the Website when signup.

I found the code as,


    def update_password(new_password, key=None, old_password=None):
    	    if frappe.db.get_value("User", user, "user_type")=="System User":
        		return "/desk"
        		return "/"

So what happens if signup as ‘Website User’? Nothing happens for me. Still on the login page.

What is the problem here? anybody know?


Customers have to log-in to your company website which you created not erpnext website, and sign-up as a customer.
Here is the documentation on sign-up

Website users have access only to website and system users have access to desk.


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I notice my website users are automatically created as system users so they default to desk when they log in. This is not the behavior I want. I want them to login to website.

Also, my customers cannot place order. when they try, it requests for address and when I click to add address, I get a permission problem. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot.