Cannot Login with LDAP after test user deletion

I have a functioning LDAP setup with ERPNext. I created a test user with a valid email id and then deleted it. Now I cannot login as a fresh LDAP user for that email id. Rest all users it seems to work flawlessly. In the Activity Log Report I get a Login Failed error with a User Disabled or missing subject. It seems like there is still some user info that it’s taking from somewhere during Login even though I deleted the Test User successfully. There are no errors anywhere in the logs so it is tough to troubleshoot. Is this a bug?

An update on this. This turned out to be a bug. Had me running in a different direction all this while.
Apparently I cannot log in as a LDAP user with the character ‘&’ being a part of the password string. Without the ‘&’ character the LDAP User logs in fine even after deletion and recreation.