Cannot migrate to v5

Continuing the discussion from Existing sites in VM, how to upgrade to v5.0? use frappe:

I only get the following options:

  Bench manager for Frappe
  --help  Show this message and exit.
  backup             backup site
  backup-all-sites   backup all sites
  config             change bench configuration
  get-app            clone an app from the internet and set it up...
  init               Create a new bench
  migrate-3to4       Migrate from ERPNext v3.x
  new-app            start a new app
  new-site           Create a new site in the bench
  prime-wheel-cache  Update wheel cache
  release            Release app (internal to the Frappe team)
  restart            Restart supervisor processes
  set-default-site   Set default site for bench
  set-nginx-port     Set nginx port for site
  setup              Setup bench
  start              Start Frappe development processes
  update             Update bench