Cannot post payment order against Shareholder

Hello everyone,

There seems to be a conceptual error regarding Payment Orders:

When a new Payment Order is created and Payment Order Reference is added from a Payment Entry, whereas the Party Type in the Payment Entry is Shareholder, an error message such as the following appears:

Could not find Party: ACC-SH-2023-00001, Row #1: Supplier: ACC-SH-2023-00001

A possible solution would be renaming the Link field Supplier with Partner and adding Shareholder to the list of accepted DocTypes:

However, the Options field is not editable:

You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Supplier → Party

Anyone want to have a stab at this? I’ll be happy to help out with coding/testing, but I have near no experience with ERPnext and Git, so you might have to guide me through any commit attempt :slight_smile:

All the best,